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10 media uses for virtual reality headsets

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If you’re still uncertain that you’re ready to take the next step in the pre-VR era, and current mobile-VR, then we’re here to help you take a fine decision.

So, we came up with 10 rapidly developing uses for your VR headset that we thought you’d like and also you’d be interested into.


With the rapid development of Google to every technology industry, I’m sure you were also expecting to see them in VR as well. After the release of Google Cardboard, a cheap way to experience VR from the comfort of your phone, Google also announced the release of another app regarding VR.

Cardboard Camera is used to take pictures from a slightly different angle—for each of your eyes—helping to create a stereograph. which pretty much is a cool way of taking VR panoramas.


Anaglyphs also are a different way at seeing 3D pictures (remember those blue and red glasses that we used to own back in school? That’s right; those pictures were anaglyphs). They’re not better than stereographs, but if you have a 3D picture lying around, then Cardboard goggles can help you see that too.

360-Degree Photography

What is more satisfying that suddenly traveling to the edge of the world by just putting on a set of goggles? Well, you got that right. 360-Degree photography is that, and many more things. Using virtual reality, the experience you get from a picture like that is more intense, and even more gratifying.

Let’s not forget that Flickr did the transition to VR just recently, so if you own a Samsung Gear VR you have thousands of photos to browse into.

Stereoscopic 360-Degree Photography

A step closer to the future of photography, it’s still too early to talk about stereoscopic photos in our phones, but when that is over and done, we’re gonna have even more high quality experiences for our VR headsets.

Immersive Video

Okay, we have talked about VR videos so many times already that I believe that this category should have its own article to commemorate. However, take a look around our site and you’ll see why immersive videos are so important, and so cool, for VR.

Stereoscopic video

Do you remember Avatar? Or Avengers? Well, of course you remember them. However, do you remember why Avatar became so popular? It was the 3D effect that James Cameron used to make the film unique. It even caused a pandemonium in Hollywood, creating silly, overrated, 3D movies just for the 3D-fun of it. So, with VR on the way, movies like that could have a comeback, but this time in our homes, using our headsets and seeing them as they were intended.

Immersive Stereoscopic Video

There is rumor going around the VR industry nowadays, specifically involving the entertainment side of things. Theoretically, virtual reality goggles will one day replace TVs, and even cinemas. If that happens, then our movies will have this format: stereoscopic, immersive videos, created just for VR. However, we have still ways to go before that actually happens, but its cool to take a first look at what is coming.

Augmented Reality

Nowadays, you can’t talk about virtual reality without also talking about augmented reality. Also, you can’t talk about augmented reality without using Microsoft Hololens in your sentence, but this is another story. Even so, with the rise of smartphones in the past, there was a steady, although slightly slow, development of augmented reality apps. With VR marching into our everyday lives fast, augmented reality is sure to follow just around the corner

Mixed Reality

Okay, this is a bit tricky to explain it. Imagine you put on your VR goggles and inside you see New York getting ravaged by a big robot. Since the scenery is real, it actually exists, and you see a fictitious reality, one that doesn’t happen in front of you, that is mixed reality. Also, I hope you remember all those apps that you shot a video, or a picture, and then a special effect happened that changed the outcome? That is mixed reality as well.

Virtual Reality

This category pretty much explains itself. We’re talking about VR apps, or things that you can do with your VR goggles. Well, when it comes down to Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, there is already a plethora of apps, games, VR experiences and many other interesting things to do. That, ladies and gentlemen, is VR, and you better get used to it because you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the near future.

That’s all then. I’m sure that by now either you’re probably running to acquire your first VR headset, or you just think that the whole hype is a fluke and it will blow on our faces soon or later. Either way, even if we’re talking about how fun it will be to own a headset, or how awful it will be getting stranded into one of those goggles, VR is interesting, new, and rapidly developing.

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