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22 Games and Apps for Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

We know that you love lists. We also know that we love them too, so we’re trying to get as many as humanly possible to you. In my latest, late-night list building, I decided that it’s about time that Samsung Gear VR got its own list of content that its worth playing. However, before I start, a short disclaimer: the original article, and list, was a courtesy of Will Shanklin and his article in the Gizmag’s site. I’m just burrowing the titles, and probably some pictures, from his article, but the opinions are completely my own. So, please spend a minute and say hi to the good pals on Gizmag.

Now that this is over and done with, let’s start our list. Of course, every app is probably worth your time in the Oculus Store, but not all of us are rich enough to buy all our favorite apps. So, take a pick and spend your money wisely.

Herobound (Spirit Champion and First Steps)

Herobound game for Samsung Virtual Reality headset

Already a game with two installments exists in the Oculus Store, and already both games are free, so there’s no harm at downloading them. However, for a change, both of these games are also good. Herobound: First Steps, was a full game with a demo feel on it, making a good example on how games will probably play on the Gear VR. However, Herobound: Spirit Champion builds upon the core gameplay of the first game while also adding story, an RPG-like system of progression and generally seeming like a more shaped up experience than the first game.

An action/puzzler with an old-classic feel, Herobound games are worth your time, especially if the hours you’re spending are your first as a new, Gear VR owner.

Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games

Adventure time Magic Man's Head Games for Samsung Virtual Reality headset

We have fallen in love with Adventure Time, the TV series, so there are already more than enough reasons to also fall in love with its VR counterpart, the Magic Man’s Head Games. Even though this is a platformer in the likes of Super Mario of the NES era, the game is fairly short (remember, you’re playing using your phone, so no experience can’t last too long), but the enchanting atmosphere and the third-person perspective clearly adds to the magic. Certainly this game is one worth playing.

Land’s End

Land's End game for Samsung VR

I could literally write a sentence and move on with the next game of this list, but I will not. Land’s End comes from the developers behind Monument Valley. This game is all about solving puzzles while soaring through skies and mountains, and visiting mystical ruins to proceed in your game. An exceptionally polished game, it’s certainly worth your time (and money).


Viral Game for VR

This game is all about shooting bad, robot-like dolls, off their flying platforms. A physics-based, on-rails experience, you take the part of an antivirus program “healing” an artificial intelligence entity. It’s cool, and one of the most fun you’ll have with a first-person game in Gear VR, so hurry and fire your blazing balls at the crazy robots.


Darknet VR game

An interesting title, and an even more interesting game, Darknet is a strategy game that lets you be a virus-using hacker whose job is to infiltrate as many computers as possible before the antivirus shuts you out.

Intelligent, well designed and certainly a must-have for your Gear VR library, put some time in the Darknet and you’ll feel like an all-mighty hacker.


Dreadhalls VR game

There is one genre that will definitely get favored in VR, and that’s none else than horror. Horror games like Dreadhalls don’t need triple-A graphics, or a strong story to scare you. They just need to toss you into a dungeon, get scary monsters chasing you, and let you escape while trying to keep your pants clean.

Even so, Dreadhalls succeeds into immersing you in such a degree that many think it’s the best sense of presence on the Oculus Store right now. Certainly worth a run, except if you’re having difficulty playing horror games, like myself.

Eve: Gunjack

Eve Gunjack VR Game

We’ve talked about Eve: Valkyrie; we’ve talked a lot about it. Eve: Gunjack is its mobile counterpart, and I must say that its rather impressive in what makes it one of the first, and already best, VR experiences.

Now, what changes from Eve: Valkyrie? You’re a stationary pilot of a turret, not having the control of the whole ship like on Valkyrie. But, both games have similar levels of graphical detail and polish, which is something rather impressive considering the platforms they both use (Oculus Rift/PC-Samsung Gear VR/Your Smartphone).

VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts game

This game is the closer we’ll get at Mario Kart in VR without Nintendo getting involved. What does that mean? The game is a slower-moving version of the Nintendo classic, making it a must-have, and much-needed, racing game for the Gear VR. However, don’t expect great level design, or detailed scenery like Mario Kart. It’s still too soon, but we’ll eventually get there.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit VR game

Do you love breaking glass? Would you like to do it in your heart’s content without never having to leave the comfort of your couch? Then Smash Hit is the game for you. Like Viral earlier in the list, Smash Hit is a first-person, on-rails, physics-based shooter that lets you smash glasses. Simple, funny, entertaining and a must have for all you owners of the Gear VR.

Esper 2

Esper 2 VR game

We have talked about Esper 2, and we certainly loved Esper 2. Now, it’s time to see it on this list. If you want to learn more about this telekinetic, puzzle-solver of a game, read the full article in our site. If you don’t have time to read it, then I’ll suffice by saying you have telekinetic abilities that you use to solve intelligent puzzles in different locations around the globe. That’s all. Let’s continue.

Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Wars 2 virtual reality game

This game proceeds into removing us from the first-person perspective of a cockpit pilot and lets us take part in epic, starfighter dogfights using the third-person perspective. A simple, arcade-ish game, Anshar Wars 2 is all about learning how to use your head to move your starfighter and shoot in your heart’s content.


And more below…



There is a certain allure at being a bullet. You get to fly from room to room, avoid obstacles and ultimately hit your target successfully. Well, this pretty much is Drift. Innovative, beautiful, but a wee bit uncomfortable since there is no controller support for this game. Even so, this is a great way of spending your time with.

Oculus Arcade (Beta)

The title pretty much sums up itself: this is an app where you can have a great time revisiting the old, and beloved, arcades of the past. You can play up to twenty minutes for free, and by paying you can lose yourself inside there for all the time you want. However, this game is still in Beta, and while it does its best to reclaim the glory of the classic, arcade feeling, it’s still a VR game with its proper limitations. Proceed cautiously.

The Night Cafe: An Immersive Tribute to Van Gogh

There are not many so widely known and beloved artists like Van Gogh in the world. The strangely beautiful and excitingly colorful works he created get a VR tribute that its fit for everyone. If you want someone to fall in love with VR, and Van Gogh, both at once, this is the app for you. One thing is for certain: this will be the first app I buy when I get my hands into a Gear VR.

Oculus Social (Alpha)

If you’re eager to meet new people, and you’d love to get into a virtual movie theater with a bunch of strangers and watch online video-game streaming (Twitch and Vimeo in particular), then this is the app for you. Before you get all too excited, however, just remember that the app supports only a masked interaction with your friends, and it can certainly get really strange interacting with strangers, even using a VR platform.

Daydream Blu

There is a strange allure to the simple tasks that Daydream Blue present us with. For once, this game is all about laying down and enjoying a simple experience that rewards you the more time you spend exploring it. This game clearly remind us that sometimes, you don’t need great graphics, or a tear-jerking plot to induce woe. Just give the world a blank canvas and it will fill it with its own stories.


This app is simple, yet a must-have for all the Netflix fans that also own a Gear VR. You get to enjoy your very own living room, with a big TV and great resolution, in your phone. If you enjoy spending time alone, binge-watching your favorite shows, and you also feel the need to spend that time in a luxurious living room, then Netflix VR is the app for you.

Oculus Video

Oculus created its own cinema experience that lets you watch online video clips, movie trailers and your own medias. Even the clips you’ve shot with your phone will be there, ready to be played in a theater hall. The unique twist that differentiates this app from others is that Oculus Video has many different theaters that you can play your videos, even having one in the moon. A great experience, but not yet supporting social interactions with other people. Even so, it is a great way to spend a night in your house watching your favorite movies.

Bandit Six

And since we’re so much in love with all those first-person turret games that Gear VR seems to excel at, Bandit Six lets you be a WWII turret pilot and fight off for your life in a toned-down version of what is Eve: Gunjack back in Earth.

Ocean Rift

We fell in love with the deep sea demos of the past, and Gear VR returns with another great experience from the same genre. A greater-than-life experience, you get to explore the deep blue from the swallow and well light waters, to the deep, dark and claustrophobic seabed. A great experience celebrating the magnificent beauty of Earth’s oceans.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam

This tower defense game is all about cartoonish graphics and having fun destroying cars with turrets. However, there is a certain element absent from the whole experience that kinda threw us off this experience. Gear VR lacks the ability to track the position of your head in space, making leaning in and out of the game impossible. It’s not something that you have to worry about Gear VR in general, but for a tower defense game, this would have been the icing on the cake.


If you even wanted to be a part of an in-body, roller-coaster then InCell is the game for you. You get to ride a roller-coaster inside a body and gather proteins and other vital parts, while also avoid spreading viruses. A bit repetitive, but certainly is a must-play game due to its “wow” factor. Riding a VR roller-coaster at its best.


So, this pretty much sums up our list. There are more great additions to your library, (see Milk VR, Keep Talking And Nobody Dies, and more), but we don’t want to spoil all the fun of searching for your own VR treasures and sharing them with us. Even so, with those 22 exceptional apps/games, we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun until the other, cabled headsets (Oculus VR, Sony, HTC & Valve, I’m talking to you) finally see a commercial release in the market.

For more information about Gear VR, read our first-steps guide to what Samsung Gear VR is and how to get full control of it. Stay tuned for more VR news and interesting topics.

What’s your opinion: Have you experienced any of the games listed above? If yes, what do you think about the current line-up of Gear VR content?

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