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EVE: Valkyrie and Oculus Rift

Last time, we talked about EVE: Valkyrie and everything that a game like that means to VR gamers out there (and not only!). Taking a page out of that book, we return with a short list of action games that will keep us occupied after the “final” release of Oculus Rift in Q1, 2016.

Eve Valkyrie

Starting with EVE: Valkyrie, a space themed, team-based, multiplayer dogfighting experience, I think that there are not more things that someone can say about this game. Check our previous article for more info about it.

Doom 3

Going on even further, we can’t stop waiting for Doom 3 (BFG edition), to get re-released as a virtual reality game. Since John Carmack, the man behind the Doom series, joined Oculus VR early in the development process, it’s not surprising that the company decided to create a mod for the legendary game.

A first-person shooter, Doom is mostly known for its endless hordes of aliens/monsters and the never ending barrage of bullets; now, imagine that in VR. I mean, even people that are not used in first-person shooters would want to have a go in that game.


Moving on, we meet another “old” game in our list. Hakwen, a first-person shooter, this time in a more Call-Of-Duty-ish way. You get inside a giant robot and fight with your fellow players, who are also controlling giant mechs. It’s another dream coming true, one that would also mean that titles like Titanfall might follow just behind.

Elite Dangerous

Following the sci-fi theme, and once again returning to the outer space, this time in our galaxy, we find Elite: Dangerous. One more space simulator, one not so action heavy like EVE: Valkyrie, Elite: Dangerous boasts at trying to be a truly open world, sandbox experience. You’ll be able to gather resources, get rich selling them, and buy even bigger ships to do the job for your. It’s a never-ending, utterly satisfying circle that will enchant even the most demanding gamers out there.

Star Citizen

And before returning back to Earth, we also meet Star Citizen, a first-person, space simulator. Being the biggest crowdfunding campaign in history, having amassed $70 million dollars until this moment, we meet an excellent game, one able to “slave” us with its top-notch graphics and great prospect. As the title cleverly states, you are a Star Citizen, one that can explore space and meet other people (players) out there, and start building strong, intergalactic relationships. And all that, in VR.

DayZ & Dying Light

In our last two game of our list, but certainly not the least, we meet two post-apocalyptic, zombie infested realities, titled DayZ and Dying Light. Both of them have one common: you have to survive in a really hostile world, one that is easily turned around by the constant appearance of zombies. But, when we get deeper into those two games, DayZ is better described as a survive simulator, while Dying Light as an action, first-person shooter, with some survival systems poured in. Both of them are rumored to get VR support, and we’re overly excited just hearing it.

But, the list doesn’t end here. One of the greatest prospects of a headset like Oculus Rift is the fact that great stories can be told, even in the form of action-oriented, heavy competitive games. Even so, until we get a copy of them in our hands, the only thing that gives us hope is that all those countless videos out there. Until the next time, enjoy watching other people playing the games that will probably most of our daily life next year.

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