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Oculus Rift is a headset that is designed as a gaming platform. It was always meant to be this way, and for a very long time, probably will still remain like that. However, in a constant effort to bring more “casual” gamers, or just average users, to the VR world, some VR developers are trying their luck by creating, and even reenacting, great experiences.

I’ll start with one of my personal favorites, the movie Spirited Away: The Boiler Room “game” (because it’s not actually a game, but rather just an empathetic experience). In this demo, VR developer Nick Pittom recreated a small part of the famous Studio Ghibli animated film, Spirited Away. The scene with the boiler room, with all those little black thingies walking on the floor, now exist as a VR demo out there for all you fans out there to “consume” it.

A great experience, breaking the boundary between two-dimensions and three, to something that could easily turn to a whole movie experience in the future. Capturing the otherworldly essence of Ghibli’s movie, this demo is a must to all you “casual” gamers out there.

Moving forward to another great experience, it is a game that carefully simulates the act of driving a track around Europe. Euro Truck Simulator 2 comes with native Oculus Rift support, making it one of the best VR experiences out there. You take the role of a truck driver, driving up and down Europe, moving precious cargo, or just passing your time.


Oculus Rift Consumer Version 1

Maybe not one of the most emblematic experiences, it’s sure one that you don’t want to miss. Virtual Reality is all about immersion to another world, but simulation games can be more than immersive when it comes to VR. Taking a stroll around Europe in a truck never sounded more alluring to me.

We have talked about every possible space simulator game in our previous articles, but this time we return with another simulator, one that is actually a perfect replica of our solar system. Solar System Explorer is a demo that sees you, the player, as the pilot of a physics-defying starship that strolls through our solar system. You get to experience first hand the sheer size of all those planets, and since the game is created in full scale, even distances seem to take a toll on you.

A great learning experience for kids and grown-ups alike, what can be more intimidating and thought-provoking than a virtual trip to the deep space?

Lastly, and I say lastly until the next time we’ll start talking about games in VR, we see something that I’m sure every one of you will love. Have you ever imagined that you were a tiny human, and you could see everything around your house from an ant’s point of view? Well, your wish can now be granted with UE4 Rollercoaster.

Oculus Rift Consumer Version

The idea behind this demo is to showcase the true capabilities of Epic’s Unreal Engine, and its VR involvement. You can ride a massive, realistic-looking, living room rollercoaster that will make you see everything around you with another perspective.

Like that, we end with some words of encouragement. Oculus Rift and all those technical demos, and modded games, out there look like a great leap forward. With experiences like virtual movies, huge rollercoasters in the middle of your house, and even virtual strolls in the deep space, everyone will feel enchanted by what Oculus have to offer. Only months away from the official release, we simply have to wait a bit more to experience first-hand everything VR related. Until then, keep checking our site for more Oculus Rift related news, and more.

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