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Esper 2: Solve puzzles with telekinetic abilities in VR

Esper 2 VR game

When people think virtual reality, they probably also think deep space exploration, space dogfighting, underwater experiences, and generally a vast array of bigger-than-life apps. However, when I think virtual reality, I think of Esper 2 with its pyrokinetic, telekinetic and generally random-kinetic abilities, flying as an eagle, and traveling back in time.

During the early days of December 2015, one of my dreams came true with the release of Esper 2 for Gear VR and, soon, for Oculus Rift. Since Esper 2 is the sequel to an already launched game named Esper (yeah, I’m sure you figured it out already,) the indie company behind it, Coatsink Software, has completed its second VR-based game.

Esper series (since they are already two of them) are first-person puzzle solving games that utilize telekinetic powers to help you solve elaborate puzzles. Esper had first debuted to Oculus VR and Samsung’s headset, Gear VR, earlier in the year, but it will soon be reworked for Oculus Rift as well.

The whole idea behind a game like that is magnificent. For the greatest part of my childhood, I imagined myself as having special powers, and just being awesome moving things with the power of my mind. Even though Esper is just a game-alternative to my childhood dream, it kinda appeals to the child inside me and makes me wanna have a run with it.

Esper 2 casts you as an ESPR agent with telekinetic abilities trying to retrieve an artifact before the villain get his hands on it.

Esper 2, to be more precise, casts you as an ESPR agent with telekinetic abilities trying to retrieve an artifact before the villain get his hands on it. Thus, you travel in various locations around the globe trying to get it first using your telekinetic powers to solve unique puzzles. Even though I have not experienced the game for myself, I’m sure Coatsink Software does a magnificent job at creating a funny, and entertaining game.

However, the company is also working at bringing a manic multiplayer brawler, Game Beasts, at Oculus Rift using the help of another studio named Boneloaf. The company also stated at an interview in VRFocus that the company is “far from from done with VR,” making us clearly keep our eyes set on their studio for more great VR ideas in the future.

Until then, stay tuned to our site for more VR related news. The game is priced at $9.99 USD/£6.65 GBP and brings in the talent of Nick Frost, Lara Pulver and Sean Pertwee to voice the characters of the game.

What’s your opinion: Does the idea of a game like Epser 2 sounds alluring to you? If so, what’s the next thing you’d love to see as a game in the VR platform?

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