Explore the world using Google Cardboard in virtual reality

Google Plastic Virtual Reality headset

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the ones to get if you want a high-end VR experience but Google Cardboard is the cheapest virtual reality experience. With continued support of Google and many indie developers offering great experiences for the casual user, Google Cardboard has grown into a diverse platform for VR.

VR photos and videos using Google Cardboard

People love taking pictures. We love snapping moments of our everyday life and share them with our friends and even total strangers through our various social media accounts. Now Google VR offers pictures with a difference.

Cardboard Camera is an app that lets you take virtual reality photos (panoramas) using your smartphone. Download this free app from the Play Store and you can make your own panoramic views with sound, which kinda seems like a step closer to actual virtual reality videos. It is still too early to make actual virtual reality videos using a smartphone but you can watch your favourite recordings and media in a virtual cinema app.

Google’s April Fools’ Gag Introduces ‘Google Cardboard Plastic’

“What’s realer than real? Probably nothing. Or maybe something…I doubt it though. I think we’re done.” These are the inspiring words behind Google’s latest April Fools’ gag, namely: Google Cardboard Plastic. After a few weeks of forging the future of virtual reality with the releases of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, you can be sure for Google’s April Fools’ joke to always come and sweep everything away with their ingenious ads.


Google is currently a part of the greater Alphabet, the mega-corp of all corporations; it still manages to have a laugh now and then with their fake products. We may already be a week into April now but if you haven’t already seen the video, then watch it now!

‘Inside Abbey Road’ now in VR

Almost a year ago, Google launched ‘Inside Abbey Road’, a site that lets you wander into the legendary Abbey Road Studio in London. Since a lot of people own Google Cardboard, the company decided to make virtual exploration possible. Just like exploring in Google’s Street View but with a layer of narrative above it to enhance the experience. If you want to take a stroll inside the building where The Beatles did some of their best work, you’re now free to do so using your Google Cardboard goggles.

‘VR View’ and Cardboard SDK for iOS announced

Google announced a Cardboard SDK for iOS developers to create VR experiences for Apple’s platform. Google also wants to integrate VR elements in apps and sites using a service called VR View. You can see a small sample of how it works in the Google Developers blog.

That’s it for now. There are rumours that Google is working on a completely standalone (would not require PC or a smartphone) virtual reality headset. For now, Google Cardboard remains a viable option for all of your VR cravings. With just $20 dollars you can buy Google Cardboard and get your own taste of virtual reality. Until then, let us know of your opinion on the comments section below. Is Google Cardboard interesting to you?

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