Google Cardboard: time travel, VR social network and more

Tower of London can now be used in virtual reality using Google Cardboard headset and your mobile phone

I’m sure you have all loved your share of virtual reality experiences by now. Priced at only twenty bucks, if you don’t own one then you’re missing out. So after two intense days of GDC 2016, Google Cardboard didn’t hold back. Following is some news that caught our interest during the last couple days.

Timelooper lets you open a window to the past

Timelooper lets you visit popular tourist spots in London and re-enacts how they looked hundreds of years in the past. With just Google Cardboard and your phone, sensors built into your phone help you navigate your surroundings while witnessing a live-change happening in front of you. This is virtual reality tourism in the making. You can visit Tower of London and see how it looked like during the year 1255 A.D. or you could find out more about the Great Fire of London and watch it happen in front of you.

Timelooper will also launch in New York around April. Check it out! http://www.timelooper.com/

Get inside a Bruegel painging with virtual reality

I think Google really enjoys taking part in peculiar projects like this. The technology behemoth is actively searching for new ways to ‘supercharge’ art by rendering one of Bruegel’s masterpieces, The Fall of the Rebel Angels in virtual reality. This painting is showcased in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium and it got the virtual reality treatment just recently by Google Arts. You can use your Google Cardboard and watch a 360º video on Youtube that will actually let you travel you inside the painting itself.

Check it out below.


Google Cardboard v1.8 comes with a new arctic demo

Google Cardboard app comes with its own set of utilities. You can watch 360º videos on Youtube, walk anywhere on planet Earth through Google Street View and just recently, you can take a short arctic trip. In this trip, you meet a cute white fox, swim with whales and fly with birds of the arctic. The graphics might be simple but the work is amazing and greatly appreciated when viewed in Cardboard headset. If you don’t own one, get it.

vTime expands to Google Cardboard and possibly to other virtual reality platforms

A 2D virtual social network has been in the works for some time now. Nintendo and Sony have already tried and failed to create a vibrant social network using digital avatars but this could change with virtual reality in town. vTime aims at becoming the first virtual reality social network that will exist in every virtual reality platform. If you own Google Cardboard, you can sign up and give it a go right now. However, if socializing online was dangerous before, we can only presume what will happen from here on onwards. Please be careful.


Observe Yushan, Taiwan’s highest peak in 360º panorama

Google Street View already helps you to stay on track during your holiday trip and it lets you see 360º panoramas of the most scenic spots of our world. Now with Google Cardboard, the two services blend into something unique let’s call it virtual reality tourism. Yesterday Google Street View added another scenic panorama in the likes of the highest peak of Taiwan, Yushan. You can get a look from of the top of 3,952m high peak and be amazed by what virtual reality technology can do. After this, you should spend your afternoon exploring Paris and chill out.

So, there you have it. If I have missed any news about Google’s headset let us know in the comments section below. Have fun with your virtual reality excursions everybody.

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