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Alone In The Rift Oculus Rift Horror Game

Sigh. I’m not exactly sure what’s about this current trend with virtual reality horror games. I certainly don’t hope that this gets even further, welcoming us to a horror-games golden age. It’s reason enough for me to stop playing for, well, quite a long time. However, horror games have always been a big part of the first-person agenda, and maybe are the best way to easily get people drawn to the Oculus Rift platform.

So, without a further ado, the next list is stuffed with only some of the most popular, horror games that are aimed at Oculus Rift. The first one is an indie-project that kinda ended up being the front-runner, and the face, of the current horror scene in VR. Title Alone, it’s a game about a boy playing a game in his house, everything rendered in a three-dimension stereoscopic environment, the game you’re playing inside the game, is closely connected to the things that happen around you.

It might not sound scary as you read it, but if you spend some time checking the countless reaction videos on Youtube, you’ll see why that game is one of the most popular games in VR.

Traveling to space, once again, we meet an age old fear in the eyes of a classic movie character. Alien: Isolation is a survival game which finds the main protagonist, a woman trying to survive the assault of one of an alien in a space station look like a terrifying experience. With a great run after its release, and many videos showing that people are genuinely afraid of the lurking monster, it’s a great addition to the current, horror game roster.

The next game is based on a very popular urban legend. Slender is a tall, thin figure that appears out of nowhere and hunts you in an abandoned forest. Your mission is to find the lost pages that are hidden in various places, most of them in the middle of a dark forest that keeps you right on edge during gameplay. A VR experience is ten times more intense since turning your head and noticing a haunting monster following in the dark is not one of the most pleasurable experiences that a man can live.

This next one is quite unique. A game where you have to find your way around a dungeon-like environment where everything seems so calm, and somehow adventurous. However, the real secret comes out later in the game, where statues start coming to life, terrifying figures chase you around the hallways, and you run away from them only to get even deeper into an experience where everything is deceiving, until the very end.

It was a long road to this game, I can tell, but Alone in the Rift is inspired from a very primal fear of the human kind: getting lost to a dark forest with nowhere to hide and no one to help you, with only a small flashlight to help you find your way. It’s one of the most scary games for Oculus Rift out there now.

The most amazing thing about the horror genre in VR is that every indie-developer, with some time and a great idea, can make a frightening game, without even having to rely on triple-A graphics. Because, what makes a horror game a true hit, is the atmosphere that surrounds it, the jump scares, everything that keeps you up in the night.

Oculus Rift now gives us the opportunity to make that experience even more intimidating, even traumatizing. Until the time that the Rift launches in the market, we’ll be here updating you with everything VR related, and even taking the punch for you in games like that.

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