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Samsung Gear Virtual Reality: Minecraft, Voxelus, Facebook, 4D headphones and more

Minecraft game coming to Samsung Gear virtual reality headset

Samsung Gear VR creates virtual reality experiences using a mobile phone just like Google Cardboard, a considerably toned down version. Since the two headsets are smartphone based, we see new content for them surfacing on a daily basis. Below are the most interesting topics from the last couple days.

Minecraft to get a Samsung Gear VR port this spring

We all love Minecraft. We love it so much that it will probably become the first game that will have a port on every new platform even before those platforms are out in the market. Samsung Gear VR will be the first to try the popular game in virtual reality, making the blocky video game also one of the first successful commercial titles to come in a virtual reality headset. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Minecraft is a survival sandbox game where you can create virtually anything.

The game will be out this spring for Gear VR and could also see a port in the Microsoft Hololens sometime in the future.

Samsung Gear VR now lets you connect to Facebook and do stuff with your friends

Humans love to communicate. We have made Facebook and other social networks a big part of our everyday lives. Now you’ll be able to interact with your friends through Oculus Rift & Facebook’s new apps, Oculus Social Beta and Social Trivia.

If you own a Samsung Gear VR headset, just use an Oculus account and set up your avatar. This allows you to watch Twitch streams, Youtube videos, and even play trivia games on a moon base. Yes that is a thing and it sounds cool. You can download these apps from Oculus app store and dive in almost immediately.

Samsung is developing a pair of 4D headphones to enhance immersion in virtual reality

Your mind is easier to trick than you would probably think. When you see an image from two different angles at the same time, you have 3D and when combined with stereoscopic sounds, you have 3D environments. Well, it’s not that easy of course, but those two definitions are integrated so deep in our reality nowadays that it surely sounds simple. However it is still not good enough for virtual reality developers! Maybe our sight is the easiest sense to fool, but sense of hearing follows. Tech developers say sound could be even more vital for immersing you deeper into virtual reality.

Samsung is developing a pair of 4D Headphones that will be able to enhance your immersion into the virtual reality worlds. By sending ‘specific electrical messages to a nerve in the ear’, Entrim 4D is able to trick you into actually feeling what you hear. It is better than it sounds (no pun intended J) and you can learn more about it here

Voxelus: create your own virtual reality games

There are many ambitious projects coming on the way of the virtual reality ecosphere. Some aim to make virtual reality fun while others just want to make owning a headset part of your everyday routine through communication or ordering groceries.

Voxelus is standing in the middle of fun and creativity and strives to act as a medium to bring your ideas to life. It is a platform that wants to take programming out of the process of creating a video game. The best part is Voxelus will allow you to manipulate environments within virtual reality.

Voxelus does not aim to become a fully-fledged game development platform but instead bring to life all your little snippets of ideas, and share them with your friends.

Voxelus will be free to use, but if you want to expand your library of assets, the company will offer a virtual market where you can buy creations from fellow creative minds out there. You can find out more about Voxelus here

It is also compatible with Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

If we missed something important, let us know in the comment section below. Are you planning to buy a Samsung Gear VR soon, or will you wait until Oculus and the other big headsets hit the market before deciding.

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