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NASA uses PlayStation VR to control robots in space

Sony uses Playstation VR to control robots in space

Sony and NASA develop a virtual reality tool to control humanoid androids

Sony and NASA; we have heard of that peculiar collaboration before. In the past, the New Horizon’s probe that was sent for a trip around our system was running the same CPU chip as the original Playstation. That must count for something, don’t you think? Even so, Sony and NASA come back with another idea involving space exploration, this time using Sony’s latest showstopper: Playstation VR.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration together with Sony have co-developed a training tool aiming at training scientists to control humanoid androids through virtual reality. More specifically, NASA wants to use the technology behind Sony’s Playstation VR and incorporate it into controlling more complicated, and elaborate, androids for space exploration.

What will this mean for humanity?

Well, it’s not so difficult for common people like us to see the many possible uses of a tool like that. For example, taking one of those robots to Mars will mean that scientists will add a very useful tool in their exploration of the alien planet. Using a VR headset, and the precise movement controllers that Sony provided NASA with, those robots will have a human approach to their environment.

Moving on, we could even start using this technology to even further Earth exploration, like exploring the deep oceans and underground caves, to providing military support for dangerous missions (although I’m well against the last proposal). What makes the whole endeavor interesting, however, is the fact that people continue finding new ways of exploiting the true power of virtual reality, which surprisingly isn’t its entertainment aspect. We’re talking about achieving a high level of immersion using only a headset.

We’re talking about achieving a high level of immersion using only a headset

Named “Mighty Morphenaut” (we get a strong Power Rangers feeling here), the tool is ready to help scientists take the next step forward in the modern space exploration. Furthermore, let’s don’t forget that the colonization of Mars is just around our corner, and tools like that could be the key point at turning this mission into a success.

For everything VR related, and more interesting news about the industry, stay tuned in our site. Have you thought of another useful uses for VR headsets like Playstation VR? What would you like to see from VR companies and scientists in the future? Leave your comments below.

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