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One of the main reasons that Oculus VR is trying to delay the release of the “consumer version” Oculus Rift, is the lack of content native able to run in VR environments. Bluntly put, there are not enough games out there capable of drawing the attention of the gaming community and jump starting Rift’s entrance to the market.

Since Oculus Rift is going to be a new hardware, one with very particular capabilities and somewhat pricey specifications, it’s gonna need quality content capable of hooking gamers, and developers alike. However, even after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, it was not an easy for the company to persuade studios around the world to dedicate their resources into creating triple-A Virtual Reality games.

Without an already successful run in the market, developing games for VR headsets is a big risk for studios around the world. So, the whole creative burden falls to the indie game designers out there. Let’s not forget that some of the most successful games of our last decade came from the indie scene (Minecraft).

It’s a common truth that consoles like Playstation and Xbox had to spend years into building strong relationships with different developers around the world, to start persuading them that creating games for their hardware was a good investment. Imagine trying to work for a difficult platform like Oculus Rift, and by saying difficult, I say it considering all those different parameters that a game in virtual reality needs.

Motion blur is out of the question, 3D environments have to be rendered in stereoscopic three dimensional ones, and their target group is a very small part of the gaming community that will try to adopt the new technology early. To be honest, there are not many things to go on.

However, the future doesn’t seem so blight. For once, big developers like EA and Ubisoft started taking their first steps into creating some games, or modding their already existing ones, into working with Oculus Rift. It might be too soon to estimate what Oculus Rift’s launch is gonna be like, but with games like Eve Valkyrie, and Edge of Nowhere, rumored to launch the same with the Rift, we might have a picture on what virtual reality game developers have in their mind out there.

Until then, we can only hope that Oculus Rift, and everything that comes with it, worths the wait. After all, if everything goes as planned, we might be looking at an entertainment evolution, one even greater than the “smartphones” one that happened just recently.

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