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Oculus Rift: A VR Dream Coming True

Oculus Rift Consumer Version

There are many things that someone can say about virtual reality. For some, it’s a distant dream never to be realized, while for others is a constant struggle to greatness. But, what if I told you that humanity is closer than ever at welcoming this kind of technology?

Meet Oculus VR, the company behind Oculus Rift—the first ever, user-friendly virtual reality headset. It’s impossible to not pump into Oculus VR when you’re searching information about virtual reality, since it’s the company that introduced this notion back to our lives. However, before we start with everything Oculus VR already is, I believe it would be only wise to remind you how Oculus VR came to be.

The first time that everyone—and by everyone I mean the general public—heard about this ambitious project, was during the end of summer 2012. Palmer Luckey, and his team, started a Kickstarter campaign trying to fund the “development kit” of Oculus Rift, the first prototype of the headset that aimed to capture the attention of game developers around the world.

Quickly, and rather surprisingly in that time, the Kickstarter campaign was successful, fulfilling its goal of amassing $250.000 in a matter of hours. After a day and a half, the funding had surpassed the $1.000.000 milestone, making it one of the most successful campaigns in Kicstarter’s history.

What was that made the Oculus Rift Campaign so successful?

The gaming community is one of the faster growing markets in the world. With the rise of e-sports, and after exponentially getting easier to own a tabletop computer, the world was ready to welcome humanity’s next big dream—Virtual Reality.

What makes virtual reality so alluring to the masses, though?

Imagine for a second that you want to spend your afternoon home. All your friends are away, and you want something to do to kill your time. Owning a headset, and if your friends owned one of course, communication between you would rise to a different level. You could spend your afternoon together exploring a virtual world; watch a movie with them, even if they located were miles away; take a VR stroll in your favorite city from the comfort of your room. The opportunities are truly endless.

Virtual reality, and Oculus Rift, is a dream coming true, something that keeps us hoping that some day a virtual stroll to imaginary realities will be a thing, and not another science-fiction novel. Until then, let’s talk about virtual reality and start getting acquainted with what virtual reality is.

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