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People Behind Oculus Rift

Palmer Luckey

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that promises a modern take to a year long dream: to actually be able to interact with a virtual world. It’s only fair to add that this is not our first take to virtual reality, but surely is the best and also the one that started the race, a race to who will get it right first. But, sometimes we forget that behind that headset, there is a man hiding. So let’s talk about the people behind Oculus Rift.

Nowadays, we can’t talk about virtual reality without mentioning the guy that created Oculus Rift. Palmer Luckey, the early-twenties man who prefers walking barefoot, or wearing sandals, the man behind one of the most ambitious projects of our times. He’s the man who wants to introduce virtual reality to the masses.

Let’s talk about Oculus Rift, though. Palmer developed the first prototype at the age of 18 in his parents’ garage in 2011. Right at the time, it was called CR1 and it featured a 90-degree field-of-view. With the aspiration of creating a head-mounted display with low latency, high contrast and better field-of-view, Palmer started experimenting, just before introducing it to the public in his 2012 Kickstarter campaign.

While Palmer Luckey is one of the modern pioneers in virtual reality, he wouldn’t have been able to succeed without meeting John Carmack. At that time, Carmack was working in id Software as a game developer. When he discovered Luckey’s work in VR, he requested one of the prototypes to help Palmer with the development. After that, more people started getting drawn to the endless possibilities that a headset like Oculus Rift poses.

Soon, Oculus VR was founded, and then Facebook’s acquisition changed everything by making Luckey’s company one of the main antagonists in the virtual reality department. Even so, still expanding, still improving, Oculus VR has become a trademark company for the virtual reality enthusiasts. Palmer Luckey is widely accepted as a celebrity among fans of the technology, and the man behind the current trend.

Even though John Carmack and Palmer Luckey were the people most involved in the prototype, there is a whole company behind them now, with countless people working to complete a user-friendly headset, one able to actually revolutionize our entertainment. In the end, a man’s dream became many’s vision, making Oculus VR what it is today: a company aiming to revolutionize our way of experiencing reality.

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