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PlayStation VR on PC and rumours about PlayStation 4K or 4.5

Playstation console with Playstation VR headset

Sony has decided PlayStation VR will launch sometime in October. There could be numerous reasons why PlayStation VR is launching so late (compared to Oculus Rift & HTC Vive Pre). The main reason could be development of a new more powerful PS4. Sony is calling this PlayStation 4.5.

A couple weeks ago during GDC 2016 conference Sony announced PlayStation VR’s would release in October. The console’s virtual reality headset will be the third high-end headset to get on the market after Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pre. Due to the headset’s affordable price and the fact that PS4’s community is over the 35 millions in numbers, Sony is very positive for the headset’s launch.

‘PS4K’ or ‘PS4.5’ console will be able to run games in Ultra HD quality

After GDC 2016 rumors about a new, more powerful console started appearing. Presumably called PlayStation 4K or PlayStation 4.5, this new console will be able to run games in Ultra HD. This new console will also better support the virtual reality headset. Some rumors mention PS4.5 will not be powerful enough to achieve true 4K quality but will be considerably stronger than current PS4.

Many long-time PlayStation fans are unhappy about this new turn of events since PlayStation 4 is still in the middle of the current console cycle.

Most gamers want consoles to run all the upcoming games for the full console cycle
Console owners want to be able to play titles on the same console for at least four to five years. Sony is still full of surprises. Presumably, the company is open to the possibility of bringing its virtual reality headset to PCs. They are looking for ways to expand in different areas.
PlayStation VR is now available for pre-orders. The headset’s basic kit (not including PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move) is priced at $399. Bundles with the console’s accessories will appear at a later time. PlayStation VR could open new market opportunities for Sony if virtual reality takes off but it is difficult to say how PlayStation 4.5 will pan out. The company has not made any official announcements regarding the matter but it is possible Sony will reveal more information about this before PlayStation VR’s official release.

What’s your opinion about the rumors regarding a new PlayStation 4 console? Do you think that PlayStation VR’s popularity will be enough to carry the release of a whole new console? Let us know on the comments section below.

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