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Playstation VR price and release date window revealed

Playstation console with Playstation VR headset

We have known for some time now that Sony’s GDC 2016 conference was our best bet into getting the much needed price and release date of Playstation VR. Well, it seemed that we were right to the point. Just yesterday, during their conference in GDC 2016, Sony revealed the consumer edition’s price of their console headset, as well as a release date window for the official launch of the product.

Priced at $399, Playstation VR is, as of now, way cheaper than its main competitors–Oculus Rift, priced at $600, and HTC Vive, priced at $800. Nevertheless, that is something that we were more or less expecting. Reports coming from different sources late last year had revealed that Playstation VR’s price would probably be one of a new console.

There is a drawback, however. If your are not the proud owner of a Playstation Camera for the PS4, or Playstation Move Controller(s), then you should seriously consider investing in both. None of the peripherals of the widely successful console will be available to the Basic Pack that will come with the purchase of a Playstation VR headset. Fortunately, later reports indicated the existence of a complete bundle, priced higher of course, that will let you begin anew in your VR trip (at least for those living in NA).

Playstation VR headset with console and other items and accessories


Playstation camera will not be part of the basic pack

And if you’re thinking of cutting your expenses by not buying a Playstation Camera, then think again; Playstation Camera is an essential part of the headset’s motion tracking, and your brand new headset will not work at all, or at the very least not as expected, without it. However, you could go through without buying Playstation Move controllers, but that would seriously subtract from the whole experience.

Sony went even further boldly announcing there are as many as 50 games coming for VR users from the day of the launch till the end of the year. There had been complains earlier this year that Sony did not go through releasing many PS4-explicit or high-profile titles last year and that allegedly hurt the sales of the console. But it seems now that the company was too busy getting ready to bring Playstation VR to life with a strong lineup of titles.

So, there you have it. Playstation VR will be the last high-end headset to come out in the market during 2016. Will an earlier release from Oculus VR and HTC & Valve be enough to compete with Sony’s low price? Is the world ready for three, over $400 headsets that had shown nothing else but promise? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to know.

Let us know of your opinion in the comments section below. Are you planning in acquiring a headset, and if yes, which one?

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