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Third person games to look for in Oculus Rift

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Some will argue that Oculus Rift should be a first person only platform. Immersion in third person looks more like a literary metaphor to what someone would like to see, or feel. It’s not easy to convey this kind of feelings in a VR platform where the user is stranded in a chair (usually), unable to move and feel things around him.

However, some developers are currently testing this technology’s aptitude from a third person’s point of view. For the past two E3 conferences, we have seen some comments and presentations for games utilizing that technology. Edge of Nowhere is one of those great games, and I say great because Insomniac Games is developing it and will probably do a good job doing so.

I’m not exactly sure what’s the story behind it, but Insomniac describes it as a “third-person action-adventure” game which challenges you to “travel to the far reaches of the Antarctic mountains in search of a missing expedition team.” It sounds amazing, and it certainly looks amazing, with monsters flying close to you face and the gamer taking the place of a floating assistant way above the character’s position, it’s something that most of us would enjoy.

It’s difficult to say how the game will actually play, or what’s the purpose behind it, but it sure looks great. If games like Edge of Nowhere actually turn up successful, then soon we might be looking to even more games following the same technique, like RPGs and more kinds of adventures.

The next game I found that sounds compelling, and even possibly manages to create a new genre of games, it’s a VR platform called Lucky’s Tale. Now, you’ll probably ask me why I think that this game can mean the beginning of a different kind of games in the VR platform? It’s simple: it uses the age old formula of Super Mario in a cartoonish, charming world that we loved, and still love, to be a part of in a new, and refreshing, way.

The user takes the part of a hovering, god-like “camera” which helps him control the character through various puzzles and obstacles in that world. It might not sound enough for the hardcore, early-adopters of VR out there, but you can be sure that games like that will be a cool way to introduce the rest of us, the casual gamers, to the VR scene.

There are more games which are coming to Oculus Rift in third person point of view. Chronos is one of them, but since it’s currently under development we don’t have much to keep going on.

As you can see, among the countless indie projects out there, the third person VR games are still only a handful, making them even more necessary. And why is that? Because it’s cool to have the choice to immerse yourself to an action-packed, thrilling world out there, but it’s also cool to also have the opportunity to experience third-person games that can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Until then, keep checking our site for more news in everything VR related. It’s always good to know what you to expect from that “sea” of tech demos out there.

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