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Recently, we have talked about the future of Oculus Rift as its developer, Palmer Luckey, sees it. He talked about many wonderful things, and some that would need many years yet to achieve, but his opinions are his own and even though he’s the go-to person for VR, there are certain things that fans around the world would like to see.

We have experienced many demos in the space simulation genre, most of them resembling a virtual stroll to space. However, wouldn’t it be more cool to be able to walk in one of these planets? Not actually walk, since the current state of the VR experience pretty much demands to stay seated the whole time. But, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to take a closer look at those alien planets?

One of the most awaited games of the last couple years it’s a game called No Man’s Sky. In that game, you’re a space explorer (or pirate, or trader. It’s your choice actually,) in an alien galaxy far, far away. In that game you get to witness first hand the great scale of all those big planets, as well as the biosphere that encircles that alien scenery.

No Man’s Sky was meant to be a PS4 timed exclusive, but recently, during E3 2015 conference, the team behind the development of that game announced that it will launch the game at the same time for PC and PS4. So, we might be looking at Oculus Rift and Playstation VR support from the get go.

But, this is not the only thing that we want Oculus VR develop. With the rise of Oculus Touch, we’d like to see other things developed for the Rift. Maybe, a sensor that actually lets you sense the texture of your surrounding environments, or even a gadget that would let you feel the impact that the sound waves do around you during an action-packed game.

The list goes on, and on, but it’s still too early to expect quick advancements from the hands of Oculus VR, not because lack of effort from their side, but because Oculus Rift is too risky right now, market-wise. If it turns out that the whole virtual reality idea was a fad, then spending more money on unfinished projects would result to completely abandoning the idea of virtual reality headsets even sooner.

Nevertheless, as I’ve said many times already, it’s still too early to make assumptions about the whole movement that is called VR and Oculus Rift. Until the release of the “consumer version”, we’ll keep supplying you with news in everything VR related.

What you would like to see developed for the Rift in the near future? Leave a comment and talk to us about it.

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