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Virtual Reality Space Dogfighting With Oculus Rift And EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie and Oculus Rift

Many of us have spent many days daydreaming about how it would be like to be able to travel in space. Imagine that you get on your spaceship, the cockpit closes around you, and you’re able to see all the systems flashing before your eyes, demonstrating every kind of information that you’re gonna need in your trip.

For some of you, the picture I just described is a familiar one. You’re probably wondering where have you heard this before? Or even better, where have you seen it? If you spent the time to watch last year’s E3, and some sparse scenes from this year’s conference, then you’re perfectly acquainted with EVE: Valkyrie.

One of the most popular, sandbox, massive multiplayer space “simulation” games out there is expanding into what it’s called EVE: Valkyrie. As the title clearly states, this game will be a space dogfighting experience like no other, especially since everything will happen in virtual reality.

The first gameplay video got released almost a year back, during the last E3 game. A triple-A game, one with over-the-top graphics and a very interesting take in space exploration, EVE: Valkyrie will be one of the game that will launch together with Oculus Rift.

The game will sport “intense team-based multiplayer dogfights”, as CCP Games states in the official site. Using the amazing capabilities of Unreal Engine 4, and aiming to get released in Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4, it’s one of the most expected games regarding virtual reality.

Generally reminding the systems behind moba-games, with rank and reputation-based character progression, team-based gameplay, and even changing strategies on the spot with “loadouts and ship-swapping,” it sure sounds like a great experience.

However, most of the people that acquired “early-development” kits of Oculus Rift showed a high-rate of motion sickness, sometimes lowering the time that a gamer can keep up playing to as little as fifteen minutes. Even though Oculus VR has proceeded into making some radical changes to the design of Oculus Rift, I’m still quite uncertain about the general idea of having a dogfight in mid-space, making it difficult to track your position, generally rising the probability that motion sickness to occur.

As someone who is easily gets nauseated even inside a car, I’m obliged to state my concerns. However, Oculus Rift and EVE: Valkyrie are working together for some time now, supporting their choice at every turn of the way. I’ll have to rely on them, the experts of virtual reality, when saying that it’s gonna be an awesome experience.

Until then, as always, we’ll keep you updated for everything virtual reality related, and let’s hope that Q1, 2016 will be one of the most thrilling years to be a gamer.

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