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What To Expect From Oculus Rift In The Future

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We have talked about how Oculus Rift came to be, but now it’s time to talk about how people around the world believe/hope that virtual reality will evolve. From an interview in Kotaku UK, Palmer Luckey talked about his vision of virtual reality.

Luckey talked about the thinks that he wanted to see changing in the recent future, one of them being the current set up. Oculus Rift needs the help of a personal tabletop computer to create a constant, virtual reality experience, making it quite dependent to a very particular set of wires and straps. Luckey hopes that in the future the headsets will come with a dedicated chip of their own, making it even easier to create an average, user-friendly experience.

He also explains why the headset, as well as the company, is so focused in creating quality, gaming content. With an ever-growing community, and the right tools to support a huge step forward, like virtual reality, “the games industry is the only industry with the tools and the talent to build immersive 3D real time environments.”

Furthermore, Luckey believes that at some times virtual reality and augmented reality will start using the same hardware, making it something that you could wear throughout the day, or even use to enhance your work. He goes even into discussing another great idea about virtual reality, the infamous “body tracking” and “motion control” subject.

As he states, there’s no good solution yet, but since the article was written more than a year ago, Oculus hadn’t introduced its solution for that matter yet. We’re talking about the Oculus Touch, a controller that even enables social interactions, like the thumbs up.

However, pulling away from Palmer Luckey’s vision of virtual reality, there are many things that we need to considered before getting overly enthusiastic with the coming of virtual reality technologies. The “first generation” products are bound to aim at a very specific audience—that of gamers and VR enthusiasts. It will be pricey to acquire a headset, and the content will even start to compare to what PC and consoles has to offer.

Long story short? It’ll be rough before getting smooth, and that’s something that frightens many people to to the point they even start questioning the whole trend. What if we’re looking straight into an empty box with a fancy wrapping?

So, Palmer Luckey talks about a future that people will have adapted, and developed, around virtual reality, but until then, we will have to be really careful to our assumptions. After all, we’re only months away from Oculus Rift’s “consumer version” release around the world. The time is near to get our results and start hoping that virtual reality will be the next big thing in technology.

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